• MCCT runs on volunteers! YOU ALL make it happen! We appreciate you to the moon and back for that!
  • Want to Play and Volunteer? Don't worry! We will always prioritize your tournament schedule to get you on the ice AND be we'll be grateful for your help
  • How will we say thank you? We'll give you Tim Horton's gift card or equivalent substitute!





Site Coordinator:

  • The most important role! YOU help the tournament be an awesome success!
  • You ensure that everything at the rink is running smoothly, with duties including timekeeping, maintaining spectator safety, ensuring the rink is treated respectfully, interacting with the teams at the sites, and updating the scoreboard. If we have enough volunteers, you will have a site coordinator buddy with you, so ask a friend to sign up with you! All the sites are in the University-Southgate area and are accessible by transit. Your actual time commitment may be a little shorter than the time frame you sign up for but that will be finalized when the playing schedule is released.

Manager's Meeting

  • Attend the managers meeting (Friday, February 2 at the Pleasantview Rink) to collect money from the team managers and give out the swag bags.

Swag Bag Prep

  • Prepare the swag bags that will be distributed to the team managers to be given to each player (includes t-shirts, water bottles, etc.). Dates of prep TBA but generally the Wednesday and/or Thursday prior to the tournament (Ie. Jan 31 and Feb 1) at the University of Alberta North Campus.


  • Bring shovels and clean off benches on Thursday night for player use. Again, best with a buddy!
  • Option to be in the reserves for Saturday morning pending snowfall. This is +++ rare but essential if we get snow